Recruiting Integrity, LLC

Premier Accounting and Finance Staffing Services

We aim to provide the most professional, accountable, and reliable services for direct hire staffing in Accounting, Finance, Purchasing and Human Resoures in the Greater Seattle Area. As we are likely to get to know you fairly well in the near future, here are some things you should know about us -

Partners       Experienced Vetting       Consultants - Not Salesmen       Values

We’re not about pushing one deal. We’re about building a relationship where we really understand culture fit and long term needs so that the more we work with you, the more value we provide to you.
Not every job or every candidate is “fantastic” and not everyone knows what they don’t know. We have the experience to properly vet candidates and jobs for what makes the right long term fit. When appropriate, we will also give you the honest feedback most recruiters avoid to help you improve how you are being perceived in the market.
Listen, counsel when appropriate, and follow through. That’s our formula, plain and simple.
If you do right by people and stay sharp with your craft then good business with good people will follow. This philosophy is the foundation for our company.